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 Overview of the programme 

TWG 18 Papers

  1.     Gulseren Karagoz Akar, Ali Delice & Emin Aydın. The development of a progressive incorporation perspective: The case of Denise
  2.     Yukiko Asami-Johansson & Iiris Attorps. Applying the structured problem solving in teacher education in Japan - a case study of area of parallelogram and trapezoid
  3.     Anna Bengtsson. When the lesson is the unit of analysis in a professional development initiative based on collegiality
  4.     Ainhoa Berciano & Guadalupe Gutiérrez. How to improve spatial visualization ability of preservice teachers of childhood education: a teaching experiment
  5.    Raymond Bjuland, Reidar Mosvold & Janne Fauskanger. What questions do mentor teachers ask?
  6.     Jorryt van Bommel & Yvonne Liljekvist. Facebook and mathematics teachers’ professional development: informing our community
  7.     Marc Bosse & Günter Törner. Teachers’ professional development in terms of identity development – a shift in the perspective on mathematics teachers’ learning
  8.     Ceneida Fernández, Gloria Sánchez-Matamoros & Salvador Llinares. Some characteristics of learning to notice students’ mathematical understanding of the classification of quadrilaterals
  9.     Marita Friesen, Anika Dreher & Sebastian Kuntze. Pre-service teachers’ growth in analysing classroom videos
  10.     Mercedes García, Victoria Sánchez & Rocío Toscano. Mathematical tasks for preservice primary teachers
  11.   Andrea Hoffkamp & Elke Warmuth. The pedagogical dimension in students’ reflections on mathematics teaching – implications for mathematics teacher education at university
  12.     Julie Horoks & Brigitte Grugeon. Training teachers through research
  13.     Cristina Cirino de Jesus, Márcia Cristina de C. T. Cyrino & Hélia Oliveira. Tasks analysis as a mean to reflect and (re) think the pedagogical practice of teachers who teach mathematics
  14.     Ronnie Karsenty, Abraham Arcavi & Yael Nurick. Video-based peer discussions as sources for knowledge growth of secondary teachers
  15.     Hulya Kilic. Pre-service mathematics teachers’ scaffolding practices
  16.     Nicole Koppitz & Christof Schreiber. Advice and guidance For Students enrolled in Teaching mathematics at Primary Level
  17.     Ana Kuzle & Rolf Biehler. A 4-dimensional model for analysing mathematics teacher educators’ practices
  18.     Nicolina A. Malara & Giancarlo Navarra. Principles and tools for teachers’ education and the assessment of their professional growth
  19.     Uldarico Malaspina, Albert Mallart & Vicenç Font. Development of teachers’ mathematical and didactic competencies by means of problem posing
  20.     Francesca Martignone. An evolution over time of the reseachers’ meta-didactical praxeologies
  21.     Maria Mellone, Arne Jakobsen & C. Miguel Ribeiro. Mathematics educator transformation(s) by reflecting on students’ non-standard reasoning
  22.     Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain. Developing Mathematics teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge through lesson study
  23.     Hélia Oliveira & Ana Henriques. Characterizing participation in a developmental research project
  24.     Kaj Østergaard. Model of theory – practice relations in mathematics teacher education
  25.     Simone Reinhold. Uncovering Facets of interpreting in diagnostic strategies pre-service teachers use in one-on-one interviews with first-graders
  26.     Daniela Reyes-Gasperini, Ricardo Cantoral & Gisela Montiel. Teacher empowerment and socioepistemology: an alternative for the professional development of teachers
  27.     Francisco Rojas, Eugenio Chandia. Instructional Coherence as Perceived by Prospective Mathematics Teachers: A Case Study in Chilean Universities
  28.     Marie Tichá & Alena Hošpesová. Word problems of a given structure in the perspective of teacher training
  29.     Zelha Tunç-Pekkan & Hülya Kılıç. Mathematical Opportunities: noticing and acting
  30.     Yuly Vanegas; Vicenç Font & Joaquin Giménez. How future teachers improve epistemic quality of their own mathematical practices

TWG 18 Posters

  1. Valérie Batteau. A study of the evolution of primary teachers’ practices in a training and research’s process in mathematics: lesson study
  2. Julia Ollesch, Markus Vogel & Tobias Dörfler. Using multimedia in mathematics teaching – new challenges for teachers’ competencies
  3. Lenka Procházková. Lesson plan analysis – mathematics teacher trainees as designers of original CLIL materials
  4. Johanna Ruge & Reinhard Hochmuth. Pre-service mathematics teachers’ view of mathematics in the light of mathematical tasks
  5. Benedikt Weygandt & Reinhard Oldenburg. First-year teacher students’ mathematical beliefs
  6. Erika Boström & Torulf Palm. A professional development program in formative assessment for mathematics teachers; what changes did the teacher do and why?
  7. Deniz Ozen & Nilufer Kose. Implications from elementary mathematics teachers’ lesson study experience
  8. Klaus Rasmussen. “Health - risk or chance?” - Transposition of mathematics and Biology into a bi-disciplinary course for Pre-service teachers and the design of a Study and research Path herein
  9. Veronika Hubeňáková & Dušan Šveda. Questioning as formative assessment and its quality measurement
  10. Suela Kacerja & Beate Lode. Student teachers’ learning loop: engaging students with their mathematics teaching and learning
  11. Lilla Korenova. “E-MATIK+” education for mathematics teachers and future teachers
  12. Louise Meier Carlsen. Analyzing student teachers’ lesson plans: mathematical and didactical organizations
  13. Marisa Quaresma, João Pedro da Ponte, Joana Mata-Pereira & Mónica Baptista. Lesson study as a professional development framework to support an exploratory approach
  14. Miriam Ryan. Creating professional development with primary teachers
  15. Helén Sterner. Mathematics teachers meaning making – the process of learning in and from practice
  16. Florence Mamba. Investigating the development of preservice secondary school teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching equations

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