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TWG 12 Papers

  1. Mustafa Alpaslan, G. Schubring & F. Günergun. Mebahis-I Ilmiye’ as the first periodical on mathematical sciences in the Ottoman Turkey
  2. Kristín Bjarnadottir. Was Euclid in Iceland when he was supposed to go?
  3. Renaud Chorlay. Why is it difficult to work with historians?
  4. Kathleen Clark. The contribution of history of mathematics on students’ mathematical learning
  5. Peter Collignon. Using calculus in economy – learning from history in teacher education
  6. Farrarello, D., Mammana, M. F. & Pennisi, M. From geometry to algebra: the Euclidian way
  7. Uffe Thomas Jankvist. Teaching history in mathematics education to future mathematics teacher educators
  8. Jenneke Krüger. 400 years of algebra in Dutch education
  9. Caroline Kuhn. E-DynamicSpace: A 21st century tool to stage-manage and build experience in the field of the history of mathematics
  10. Snezana Lawrence. The history of dimensionality and the new geometry curriculum in England
  11. Gil, P. & Maria Helena Martinho. The role of history of mathematics in fostering argumentation: two towers, two birds and a fountain
  12. Regina Möller. Teaching the concept of velocity in mathematics classes
  13. Antonio M. Oller-Marcén & J. M. Gairín. Proportionality problems in some mathematical texts prior to fourteenth century
  14. Ildar Safuanov. The history of the concept of a function and its teaching in Russia
  15. Y. Weiss-Pidstrygrach & Rainer Kaenders. Using historical school book excerpts for the education of mature mathematics teachers

TWG 12 Posters

  1. Maurice OReilly. "It is necessary to understand where we have come from so that we can further the journey": History of mathematics in the formation of teacher identity
  2. Vasiliki Tsiapou. Primary sources in the elementary school


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