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TWG5 Papers

  1. Dionysia Bakogianni: Studying the process of transforming a statistical inquiry-based task in the context of a teacher study group
  2. Carmen Batanero, María M: Gea, Pedro Arteaga: J: Miguel Contreras & Gustavo R: Cañadas: Regression in high school: an empirical analysis of spanish textbooks
  3. Christian Büscher & Susanne Schnell: Individual concepts of students comparing distributions
  4. Francesca Chiesi & Caterina Primi: Gender differences in attitudes toward statistics: is there a case for a confidence gap?
  5. Andreas Eichler & Markus Vogel: Aspect of students' changing mental models when acting with statistical situations
  6. Daniel Frischemeier & Rolf Biehler: Preservice teachers statistical reasoning when comparing groups facilitated by software
  7. Markus A. Helmerich: Rolling the dice: Exploring different approaches to probability with primary school students
  8. Ana Henriques & Hélia Oliveira: Student's informal infrence when exploring a statistical investigation
  9. Bridgette L..Jacob, Hollylynne S. Lee, Dung Tran & Helen M. Doerr : Improving teachers' reasoning about sampling varibility: a cross institutional effort
  10. Sibel Kazak: A Bayesian inspired approach to reasoning about uncertainty: "how confident are you?"
  11. Gamze Kurt: The investigation of understanding of preservice elementary mathematics teachers about data display
  12. Hollylynne Lee, Dung Tran, Jennifer Nickel & Helen M: Doerr: Simulation approaches for informal inference: models to develop understanding
  13. Orlando González: Mathematics teachers' conceptions of how to promote decision-making while teaching statistics: the case of Japanese secondary school teachers
  14. Gilda Lisbôa Guimarães  & Tâmara Marques da Silva Gomes: Secondary education students'understading of sampling
  15. Maria Niedja Martins, Carlos Monteiro & Carolina Carvalho: Analyzing the concepts of teachers about sampling using tinkerplots 2:0
  16. Jasmina Milinković: Intuition about stochastic processes in elementary school children
  17. Carlos Monteiro, Tamires Queiroz, Liliane Carvalho & Karen François: Affective exhibition during interpretation of statistical data
  18. Mehtap Ozen & Erdinc Cakiroglu: Making sense of statistical and probabilistic information in the media  texts: pre-service teachers' critical process
  19. Christine Plicht, Markus Vogel & Christoph Randler: An interview study on reading statistical representations in biology education
  20. Caterina Primi, Maria Anna Donati, Francesca Chiesi & Kinga Morsanyi: Interest in statistics: examining the effects of individual an situational characteristics
  21. Jorge Soto-Andrade & Daniela Díaz-Rojas: Enactive metaphoric approaches to randomness
  22. Alexandra Sturm & Andreas Eichler: Changing belief about the benefit of statistical knowledge

TWG5 Posters

  1. Ana Paula Canavarro: Developing statistical literacy: the case of graphs with preservice teachers
  2. R. Jallet-Cattan & Corinne Hahn: An obtacle to teaching hypothesis testing to future managers: the plurality of conceptions related to the concept of variable
  3. Susana Colaço: Difficultes in learning statistics: an experiment with young children
  4. Gilda Guimarães & Erica Cavalcanti: Statistical variability: comprehension of children in primary school
  5. Dun Nkhoma Kasoka: student's beliefs about statistics: lessons from a journalism statistics class
  6. Aisling Leavy: Understanding the knowledge demands of teaching statistics: insights gained from examining class practice
  7. José Alexander Martins, Assumpta Estrada & Maria Nascimento: Analysis of Portuguese teachers' attitudes toward statistics
  8. Maria Niedja Pereira Martins & Carolina Carvalho: Attitudes to statistics and affective expressions in use of graphs developed by primary school teachers
  9. Jeffrey A. McLean: The development of informal inferential reasoning via resampling
  10. V. Serrano Molinero & L. González-Sabaté: Core competencies for the professional use of applied statistics in business administration, how to promote themin the classroom?

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