Download of papers and posters

TWG 4 Papers

  1. Fadime Ulusoy. A meta-classification for students’ selection of quadrilaterals: the case of trapezoid
  2. Cristina Loureiro & Lurdes Serrazina. Spatial and geometric structuring – contributions for a collective construction
  3. Aurélie Chesnais & Anne-Cécile Mathé. Articulation between students’ and teacher’s activity during sessions about line symmetry
  4. Maria Paula Rodrigues & Lurdes Serrazina. Six years old pupils intuitive knowledge about triangles
  5. Chrysi Papadaki. The transition from 2D to 3D geometry: strategies developed by students with visual impairments
  6. Jacques Douaire & Fabien Emprin. Teaching geometry to students (from five to eight years old)
  7. Marta Pytlak. Paralles, perpendicular – learning geometry through paper-based experiences
  8. Ewa Swoboda. Mathematization of rotation as a didactical task
  9. Joris Mithalal-Le Doze. Combining epistemological and cognitive approaches of geometry with CKC
  10. Alain Kuzniak, Assia Nechache. Using the Geometric Working Spaces in order to plan the teaching of geometry
  11. Lina Brunheira & Joăo Pedro da Ponte. Prospective teachers’ development of geometric reasoning through an exploratory approach
  12. Eszter Herendiné-Kónya. The level of understanding geometric measurement
  13. Xhevdet Thaqi, Joaquim Gimenez & Ekrem Aljimi. The meaning of isometries as function of a set of points and the process of understanding of geometric transformation

TWG 4 Posters

  1. Roghayeh Akhbari. Exploring the result of Thales theorem and its relationship to other shapes among Iranian mathematics high school students
  2. Michela Maschietto & Marco Turrini. Approaching conic sections with mathematical machines
  3. Philippe R. Richard & Michel Gagnon. Geogebratutor – an intelligent tutoring system to support learning of geometry
  4. Candaş Uygan, Nilüfer Y. Köse & Dilek Tanişli. Development of preservice teachers’ conceptual knowledge in geometrical transformations: a teaching experiment
  5. Assia Nechache. Signs and validation in the teaching of geometry at the end of compulsory schooling in France: a case analysis

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