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TWG17 Papers

1. Esra Aksoy, Serkan Narli, F. Hande Çikrikçi, M. Akif Aksoy, Y. Emre Ercire & Dokuz Eylül: Data mining approaches in mathematics education
2. Erhan Bingolbali and Ferhan Bingolbali: Principles of student centered teaching and implications for mathematics teaching
3. Corine Castela: Considering theoretical diversity and networking activities in mathematics education from a sociological point of view
4. Yves Chevallard, Marianna Bosch, and Sineae Kim: What is a theory according to the anthropological theory of the didactic?
5. Russell Dudley-Smith: Discriminatory networks in mathematics education research
6. F.Gunes Ertas and Fatma Aslan-Tutak: Secondary mathematics teacher candidates’ pedagogical content knowledge and the challenges to measure
7. Ignasi Florensa, Marianna Bosch, Josep Gascón: The epistemological dimension in didactics: two problematic issues
8. Juan D. Godino, Carmen Batanero, Gustavo R. Cañadas, & José M. Contreras: Linking inquiry and transmission in teaching and learning mathematics
9. Annalena Holm: Mathematics communication within the frame of supplemental instruction – solo & atd analysis
10. Geoff Kent and Colin Foster: Re-conceptualising conceptual understanding in mathematics
11. Ivy Kidron: The epistemological dimension revisited
12. Boris Koichu: Towards a confluence framework of problem solving in educational contexts
13.Lena Lindenskov, Pia Beck Tonnesen, Peter Weng, Camilla Hellsten Østergaard: Theories that do and don’t connect: does the context make a difference? An early intervention programme as a case
14. John Monaghan: Tool use in mathematics: a framework
15. Miguel Perez: Adaptive conceptual frameworks for professional development
16. Helena Roos Hanna Palmér: Communities of practice: exploring the diverse use of a theory
17. Rüya Şay & Hatice Akkoç: Beyond orchestration: norm perspective in technology integration
18. CANCELLED Gérard Sensevy: Towards a paradigmatic analogy epistemology: some exploratory remarks .
19. Hans-Stefan Siller, Regina Bruder, Tina Hascher, Torsten Linnemann, Jan Steinfeld, Eva Sattlberger: Competency level modelling for school leaving examination
20. Pedro Nicolas Zaragoza: Structuralism and theories in mathematics education


TWG17 Posters

  1. Abdel Seidou: Inferentialism in mathematics education: describing and analysing students´ moves in sorting geometrical objects
  2. Anna Shvarts & Andonis Zagorianakos: Crossroads of phenomenology and activity theory in the study of the number line perception

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