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New paper (transferred from TWG19): Oguz Koklu & Fatma Aslan-Tutak. “Responding to student ideas” as an indicator of a teacher’s mathematical knowledge in teaching

TWG20 Papers

  1. Andreas Ebbelind: Systemic functional linguistic as analytical approach when researching patterns of participation
  2. Luis R. Pino-Fan, Vicenç Font, Juan D. Godino Towards a methodology to analysis of didactic-mathematical knowledge required to teach the derivative
  3. Janne Fauskanger and Reidar Mosvold Why are Laura and Jane “not sure”?
  4. Nadia Ferreira, Joao Pedro da Ponte Exploring pictorial representations in rational numbers: struggles of a prospective teacher
  5. Sebastian Kuntze, Anika Dreher, Marita Friesen Teachers’ resources in analyzing mathematical content and classroom situations-the case of using multiple representations
  6. Miguel Montes, José Carrillo  What does knowing infinity mean as a teacher? The case of convergence of series
  7. Noemí Pizarro, Núria Gorgorió, Lluís Albarracín  Primary teachers’ approach to measurement estimation activities
  8. Kirsti Ro  Investigating mathematics teacher identity development: a theoretical consideration
  9. Libuše Samková, Alena Hošpesová On teachers’ knowledge and contingency investigated through concept cartoons
  10. Thorsten Scheiner  Lessons we have (not) learned from past and current conceptualizations of mathematics teachers’ knowledge
  11. Sven Schueler, Bettina Roesken-Winter, Jochen Weißenrieder, Anselm Lambert and Matthias Römer Characteristics of out of field teaching: action related competencies and teacher beliefs
  12. Konstantinos Stouraitis, Despina Potari, Jeppe Skottark Contradictions and shifts in teaching with a new curriculum: the role of mathematics
  13. Shikha Takker  Confluence of research and teaching: case study of a mathematics teacher
  14. Amahjot Toor and Joyce Mgombelo: Teaching mathematics through storytelling: engaging the ‘being’ of a student in mathematics
  15. Diana Vasco, Nuria Climent, Dinazar Escudero-Avila, Eric Flores-Medrano  The characterization of the specialized knowledge of a university lecturer in linear algebra
  16. Gerald Wittmann, Stephanie Schuler, Anne Levin Measuring kindergarten teachers’ and primary school teachers’ professional knowledge with image and video vignettes
  17. Sotirios Zoitsakos, Theodossios Zachariades, Charalambos Sakonidis  Secondary mathematics teachers’ content knowledge for teaching in two contexts: interpreting versus managing didactically students’ understanding
  18. NEW Oguz Koklu & Fatma Aslan-Tutak. “Responding to student ideas” as an indicator of a teacher’s mathematical knowledge in teaching

TWG20 Posters

  1. Lisnet Mwadzaangati Mathematical knowledge for teaching geometric proof: learning from teachers’ practices
  2. Thorsten Scheiner A theoretical reflection on various sources of teachers’ professional knowledge for promoting and assisting students’ learning of mathematics
  3. Julia Meinke: Teachers’ subjective theories on Algebra 
  4. Mayra Báez Melendres & Rosa María Farfán Márquez: A proposal for the study of  the mathematics reflection

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