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TWG11 Papers

  1. Paul Andrews, Judy Sayers & Gosia Marschall: Developing foundational number sense: Number line examples from Poland and Russia
  2. Emmanuel Bofah: Reciprocal determinism between students’ maths self-concept and achievement in an African context
  3. Laura Branchetti, Federica Ferretti, Alice Lemmo, Andrea Maffia, Francesca Martignone, Mariagiulia Matteucci & Stefania Mignani: A longitudinal analysis of the Italian national standardized mathematics tests
  4. Clarke: The role of comparison in the construction and deconstruction of boundaries
  5. Katalin Gosztonyi: The new math reform and pedagogical flows in Hungarian and French mathematics education
  6. Mandy Hommel & David Clarke: Reflection and questioning in classrooms in different cultural settings
  7. Eva Jablonka: Why look into mathematics classrooms? Rationales for comparative classroom studies in Mathematics education
  8. Marie Joubert: The perceived causes of the (assumed) mathematics problems in England and South Africa: a social media experiment
  9. Aihui Peng, Håkan Sollervall, Erika Stadler, Yueqiang Shang, Li Ma:  Swedish and Chinese teachers’ views on what constitutes a good mathematical test task: a pilot study
  10. Akihiko Saeki, Takashi Kawakami, Akio Matsuzaki & Janeen Lamb: Examining the heart of the dual modelling cycle: Japanese and Australian students advance this approach
  11. Miroslawa Sajka & Roman Rosiek : Solving a problem by students with different mathematical abilities – A comparative study using eye-tracking
  12. Eda Vula, Jeta Kingji-Kastrati & Fitore Podvorica:  A comparison of mathematics textbooks from Kosova and Albania based on the topics on fractions
  13. Constantinos Xenofontos & Christos Papadopoulos: The history of mathematics in the lower secondary textbooks of Cyprus and Greece: Developing a common analytical framework

TWG11 Posters

  1. Sebastian Bauer, José M. Diego, Claudia Lazaro, Sue Pope, Tomas Recio, Ornella Robutti, Jaime Carvalho e Silva, Ana M. Vieira: Cooperation and innovation for good practices: teachers and researchers understanding mathematics in PISA (trump)
  2. Alice Lemmo: A comparison between paper & pencil and Computer based assessment

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