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New version of Alex Montecino and Paola Valero: Statements and discourses about the mathematics teacher. The research subjectivation

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TWG10 Papers

  1. Veronica Albanese, Francisco Javier Perales: Ethnomathemathics dimensions to analyse teachers’ conceptions about mathematics
  2. Natascha Albersmann, Katrin Rolka: Parent-child-cooperation in mathematics learning – insights into maths-experience-days
  3. Melissa Andrade-Molina, Paola Valero: The sightless eyes of reason: scientific objectivism and school geometry
  4. Anette Bagger: Pressures and positions of need during the national test in mathematics in the third grade
  5. Laura Black, Yvette Solomon and Darinka Radovic: Mathematics as caring: the role of ‘others’ in a mathematical identity
  6. Jonas Dahl: The three faces of problem solving
  7. Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Maria Astad Sørngård, Tor Inge Vethe, Terje André Bringeland, Andreas Austlid Hagen, Marius Sætren Sumstad: Critical reflections on temperature change
  8. Ola Helenius, Maria L. Johansson, Troels Lange, Tamsin Meaney, Anna Wernberg: Mathematical exclusion with the every day
  9. Richard Kitchen, Sarah Ridder, & Joe Bolz: Student Assessment in an era of accountability
  10. David Kollosche: School mathematics and bureaucracy
  11. Dorota Lembrér: Socialisation and mathematics education in Swedish preschools
  12. Rachel Marks: Primary pupils’ perceptions of mathematical ability
  13. Alex Montecino and Paola Valero: Statements and discourses about the mathematics teacher. The research subjectivation
  14. Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Brian Greer, and Frank Heimerdinger: Cultural responsiveness and its role in humanizing mathematics education
  15. Eva Norén, Jöran Petersson, Cecilia Sträng, Petra Svensson: Newly arrived students in mathematics classrooms in Sweden
  16. Anna Pansell and Lisa Björklund Boistrup: Justifications for mathematics teaching: A case study of a mathematics teacher  in collegial collaboration
  17. Aldo Ivan Parra-Sánchez: Dialogues in ethnomathematics
  18. Darinka Radovic, Laura Black, Christian Salas and Julian Williams: Intersections of girls mathematics and social positionings inside a mathematics’ classroom
  19. Rebecca Turvill: Number sense as a sorting mechanism in primary mathematics education

TWG10 Posters

  1. Veronica Albanese, María Elena Gavarette: Teacher training through research in ethnomathematics
  2. Lisa Björklund Boistrup, Joakim Samuelsson: Power-relations in participatory action research. Project in mathematics education
  3. Peter Gøtze: An inquiry into the nature of critic in educational modelling activities with a socio-critical perspective
  4. Karolina Muhrman: Mathematics in agriculture and vocational education for agriculture
  5. Alessandro Spagnuolo, Michele Canducci: Discussing teaching/learning methods in a complex educational context
  6. Hauke Straehler-Pohl: No reason to believe in numbers: using a commercial for making ethical filtration visible
  7. Vivica Zweidar: Mathematic diagnosis and support: sensitivity of pre-service teachers to social disparities


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